Air Force

1A6X1:Flight Attendant

They ensure the safety of passengers and perform other cabin duties.

Is there a clearance required?: Yes

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Support

Military Duties:

Demonstrate and maintain proficiency in emergency equipment use, emergency procedures, and egress. Brief passengers on normal and non-normal use of aircraft systems and equipment. Assume responsibility for the orderly expeditious evacuation of passengers and crew. Provide emergency medical assistance. Ensure cleanliness of aircraft interior away from the home station. Perform direct contact between the USAF and the passenger.

Military Duties Translated:

Conduct pre-flight safety checks and ensure the plane is clean. Show safety and emergency measures such as the use of oxygen masks, seat belts, and exit doors. Offer information and support for safety and comfort to passengers. Welcome passengers, verify their tickets and direct them to their seats. Make and serve beverages and food to passengers. Respond to passengers' questions about flights, travel routes, and arrival times. Go to pre-flight briefings and study all the details of the flight. Lead passengers in case of emergency and give first aid to passengers if necessary. Offer support to passengers with special needs including children, disabled persons, or elders. Prepare analytic reports concerning flight issues.

Some civilian jobs best suited to this type of military experience:

Flight Attendant