Quartermasters stand watch as assistants to officers of the deck and the navigator; serve as helmsman and perform ship control, navigation and bridge watch duties. QMs procure, correct, use and stow navigational and oceanographic publications and oceanographic charts. They maintain navigational instruments and keep correct navigational time.

Is there a clearance required?: No

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Support

Military Duties:

The duties performed by QMs include operation of electronic navigation equipment. They will be able to conduct weather observations, determine compass and gyro error, compute tide and tidal current data, keep logs and records. Quartermasters determine their ship's position by visual and electronic means, compute times of sunrise and sunset; and follow the nautical rules-of-the-road to prevent collisions at sea. They render "honors and ceremonies" in accordance with national observance and foreign customs; send and receive visual messages; and serve as petty officers in charge of tugs, self-propelled barges and other yard and district craft.

Military Duties Translated:

Ensure crew members are instructed and provided with the information necessary to meet safety, compliance, and environmental protection obligations. + Conduct inspections and ensure compliance with safety and maintenance requirements for tug and barge and arrange for maintenance and repair to correct deficiencies. + Must be able to understand and utilize information in cargo information cards and material safety data sheets. Direct crew in performance and recordkeeping of regular safety meetings and drills. + Prepare, monitor, and update vessel work lists and maintenance schedules. + Prepare written reports per company and regulatory agency directives. Manage inventory and prepare material requisitions for purchasing of necessary parts and supplies for the vessel. Review all requisitions and work orders created by crewmembers prior to submission. Ensure supplies are used in an efficient manner. Coordinate assist tugs and pilots, and for adherence to port/terminal requirements as applicable. + Direct and supervise crewmembers in the performance of their duties and assigned work projects, + Ensure the cleanliness and working order of the vessel and barge at all times. + Able to direct, fairly evaluate, and correct performance of crewmembers.

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