The U.S. Navy Music Program has a proud tradition of setting a high standard of musical excellence. If you meet this standard and are looking for an exciting career, join the Navy team and be part of one of the TOP music programs in the nation. You will receive all the support and expert training needed to achieve professional status, earning excellent pay and college credits while performing with some of the finest musicians in the country.

Is there a clearance required?: No

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Support

Military Duties:

Life as a Navy Musician is one of variety! Whether you are assigned to one of our two Premiere Bands, The United States Navy Band Washington, DC or the Naval Academy Band in Annapolis, MD, or one of our 11 fleet bands, you will have the opportunity to perform virtually every idiom from Sousa marches to MTV, from Broadway to symphonic wind ensemble, from contemporary rock to Big Band jazz, and from bluegrass to baroque. Musicians perform on one or more designated instruments to provide ceremonial and entertainment services afloat and ashore to enhance Navy presence and coalition building initiatives, support Navy recruiting goals and objectives, inspire patriotism, elevate esprit de corps, enhance retention and pride in the naval service, enhance community awareness and public relations, and provide services that project a positive United States and Navy image both at home and abroad.

Military Duties Translated:

Writing, rehearsing, performing, and recording new, original music. Building strong relationships with other artists as well as fans. Going for vocal training, and expanding your skill set by learning new techniques and instruments. Showing up on time and well-rested for scheduled performances and recording sessions. Building a positive brand by giving interviews and making appearances on radio and television. Maintaining a strong social media presence by posting regular, relevant content, and interacting with fans online. Reaching out to and collaborating with other artists and professionals in the entertainment industry. Upholding a suitable, professional public image at all times. Traveling abroad when required.

Some civilian jobs best suited to this type of military experience: