B320:Gunner's Mate

Gunner's Mates operate and maintain guided missile launching and torpedo launching/handling systems, rocket launchers, gun mounts and other ordnance systems and equipment. They train and supervise crews in the use of all types of ordnance equipment, from large caliber guns and missile systems to small arms. GMs stow, secure, requisition and reclassify explosives, and operate and maintain magazine flooding and sprinkler systems. They make mechanical, electrical and electronic casualty analysis using technical publications, blueprints, schematics and circuit diagrams; they repair, maintain, test and calibrate ordnance equipment.

Is there a clearance required?: Yes

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Combat

Military Duties:

GMs repair, maintain, test and calibrate micro processing equipment, and use and care for common hand tools, special tools and soldering equipment. They perform preventive and corrective maintenance on hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components associated with launching systems. GMs interpret color coding to determine values of capacitors and resistors, and tracing internal connections of power and audio transformers, chassis wiring and multi-conductor cables. They operate and maintain night optical devices, and operate optical scanning and marking devices to label, identify and report explosives' utilization/expenditure. They serve as team member performing inspections and final closeout checks on weapons, and install and remove torpedo exploder mechanisms.

Military Duties Translated:

Provide firearms training and qualification for staff members and others as may be assigned. Provide personal instruction to include remedial instruction. Develop lesson plans and training sessions for firearms and less lethal weapons. Operates, demonstrates, and provides instruction on a variety of weapons including shotguns, handguns and patrol rifles.

Some civilian jobs best suited to this type of military experience:

Firearms Instructor