12N:Horizontal Construction Engineer (12N)

These engineers use construction equipment, heavy vehicles and other equipment to do construction projects for the Army. They perform a wide variety of responsibilities relating to construction, as well as assist with responsibilities involving combat engineer missions.

Is there a clearance required?: No

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Support

Military Duties:

An Army Horizontal Construction Engineer MOS 12N is a heavy equipment operator and the backbone of the U.S. Army. MOS 12N handle everything from backhoes to excavators, graders, and scrapers. Horizontal Construction Engineers also learn how to operate tractors, some of which have dozens of attachments for scoops, dozers, etc.

Military Duties Translated:

Most service members that become MOS 12N move on to work in the construction field after retiring from the U.S. Army. Since you already are trained to operate a variety of heavy equipment, there are plenty of equipment operator positions available throughout the country. Furthermore, your leadership skills and working under high-stress situations could lead to management positions. Some choose to work outside the construction field for rock quarries or state highway agencies.

Some civilian jobs best suited to this type of military experience:

Bus Driver