Marine Corps

3051:Warehouse Clerk (MOS 3051)

Work with supply administrators to coordinate the receiving and distribution of Marine Corps supplies. Also, these Marines work diligently to organize warehouses to make the process of receiving and shipping supplies as seamless as possible.

Is there a clearance required?: No

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Support

Military Duties:

Warehouse Clerks perform all functions of supply chain duties from receiving to proper storage. When new shipments arrive, Clerks will receive the supplies and equipment, inspect it and place it for proper storage. They will ensure the package was not received damaged and that the product is stored correctly per proper storing requirements and label requirements. Receiving items includes receiving returned items. The Clerks ensure that supplies and equipment are maintained in the warehouse. This includes safekeeping the product, rotating the product and keeping inventory. Some items may be stored in open areas or in specific locations, based on the type of product. The Clerk must know proper storage procedures and safekeeping to keep hazardous materials away from regular products and to ensure fire and safety regulations are met.

Military Duties Translated:

Answer questions about office hours and when items are picked up to be mailed. Sell postage and books of stamps. Affix stamps to packages. Inform customer about postage rates. Open post office boxes. Retrieve parcels from the back that couldn't be dropped off and give to customer. Assist mail carriers by putting mail in bags for transport. Sort outgoing mail.

Some civilian jobs best suited to this type of military experience:

Post Office Clerk