In the Army, adequate communication is important, especially in combat or field situations. Radio operator-maintainers are primarily responsible for all maintenance checks and services of radio communication equipment. Military occupational specialty (MOS) 25C has a wide variety of duties with a focus on keeping radio and other communication equipment up to date and working properly.

Is there a clearance required?: No

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Support

Military Duties:

Soldiers in this job will install, operate and perform preventive maintenance checks on radios, radio teletypewriters, and other communications equipment, including security equipment, vehicles, and power generators. Soldiers will oversee communication security and security policies, and implement electronic countermeasures as needed. Soldiers may record, send and receive messagese guns, antitank mines, etc.)

Military Duties Translated:

Install communications equipment in offices, private homes, and buildings that are under construction Set up, rearrange, and replace routing and dialing equipment Inspect and service equipment, wiring, and phone jacks Repair or replace faulty, damaged, and malfunctioning equipment Test repaired, newly installed, and updated equipment to ensure that it works properly Adjust or calibrate equipment to improve its performance Keep records of maintenance, repairs, and installations Demonstrate and explain the use of equipment to customers

Some civilian jobs best suited to this type of military experience:

Telecommunications Equipment Installers