A Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist is an important part of the Army's combat team. MLRS teams are used to support infantry and tank units while supplementing cannon artillery in combat, but they also have responsibilities during peacetime. The MLRS launches various missiles and ammunitions in quick strikes during combat. The MLRS Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist records and transmits the firing data for the MLRS.

Is there a clearance required?: No

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Combat

Military Duties:

Records and transmits firing data using the fire direction system and voice radio. Operates fire direction systems, Platoon Leaders Digital Message Device, and Multiple Launch Rocket System communications equipment. Participates in gathering of operations and intelligence data. Plots using fire capability charts and friendly and enemy situation maps. Records ammunition expenditure, equipment serviceability, situation, firing point, target, and mission reports. Drives section vehicles, performs operator/crew maintenance on section vehicles, generators, and equipment. Aids in collection and transmission of data. Installs, maintains, and operates radio wire communications, digital communications devices, and secure voice equipment.

Military Duties Translated:

In most cases, SWAT team members are pooled from the ranks of patrol officers, detectives, and even supervisors and sometimes command staff. These officers typically serve as SWAT team members as an additional duty to their regular jobs, so that SWAT is not a full-time career in itself. When the hot call comes, though, these officers respond as quickly as possible, ready to take whatever action may be necessary.

Some civilian jobs best suited to this type of military experience: