Air Force

4E0X1:Public Health (4E0X1)

They work with community health management and force health management. Within community health management, they perform tasks such as communicable disease control and prevention, food safety and defense, facility sanitation, and public health contingency response. Within force health management, they are responsible for the medical deployment clearance processing, preventative health assessments, and individual medical readiness administration.

Is there a clearance required?: No

Is this a combat or support MOS?: Support

Military Duties:

These specialist aim to prevent the spreading of diseases by conducting patient interviews, investigations and through community outreach programs. In addition to preventing and responding to illness and disease outbreaks in medical settings, Air Force Public Health specialists conduct food and safety programs. An Air Force Public Health specialist will asses any risks that may be associated with food preparation, production, storage and serving food. They will train individuals on preventing food borne illnesses and respond to any complaints. If a food illness outbreak or contamination does occur, Public Health specialist will conduct investigations and work to reduce the amount of people affected.

Military Duties Translated:

Assist with daily living activities. This includes delivering meals to patients, turning and ambulating patients and providing plenty of fresh water, as well as extra nourishment between meals Help patients with personal hygiene. Provide patients with bedpans, help with baths, shampooing and showering Provide adjunct care for the patient, including ice packs, non-sterile dressings and therapeutic baths Check vital signs and record daily information in the patient’s chart Assist the nurses and other staff as needed Adhere to professional standards, follow policies and procedures and abide by federal, state and local requirements, as well as Joint Commission standards

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